Friday, July 23, 2010

Missing In Action

It has been over a year and the project that I started over year ago, my blog, got bumped to the bottom my my priority list. Well I am back...and I am looking to begin a new chapter in my life, that to the inspiration of one of my best friends and another dear friend of mine.

Over the last several years I have tried diet after diet and they have worked, for a short period, and then I put it all back on plus. Enough is is time for a change. I want to be that size 8 that I once was. Being a 16 has been depressing and very much uncomfortable. I have noticed changes in my sleeping patterns, my back has gotten worse, my knees are bothering...and worst of all...I wear the same things over and over...its not the worst I know my health is more important, but not being to wear the wonder and fly stuff that I once did is a little depressing.

I begin my diet, hopefully next week and I want to share my results and get the encourgement and feedback from all those that are willing to share it. Until next week...I will talk to you all then!